Weichuang Another Vertical Circulation Garage Landing in Pingshan, Shenzhen!

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Release time:2024-01-13 14:10:03

When it comes to solving the problem of urban parking, Shenzhen Weichuang, a leading enterprise in the mechanical parking equipment industry, is definitely indispensable. Recently, a three-dimensional garage in Guangzhou has frequently gained popularity and has been reported by local media. It is reported that the three-dimensional garage is invested and constructed by Yuehe Investment Co., Ltd. in Panyu District, Guangzhou. It adopts Shenzhen Weichuang vertical lifting type three-dimensional parking equipment. The project was officially put into use on November 9, 2022, and has received praise from Guangzhou citizens.

1、 Serving 2 hospitals with an average daily entry and exit of approximately 300 vehicles per day

The project is located within the Panyu Chronic Disease Prevention and Control Station on Huancheng Middle Road, and at the same time, a hundred meters away is a tertiary hospital - Panyu District Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital. There are many patients seeking medical treatment on a regular basis, and there is high vehicle mobility. However, due to the lack of parking spaces and a severe shortage of parking resources, it has been difficult for hospital staff to park for a long time. This is especially inconvenient for citizens who go to Panyu District Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital and Panyu District Chronic Disease Prevention and Treatment Station for treatment.

Arriving at the garage door, the staff were directing in an orderly manner, with a continuous stream of vehicles queuing up for entry. According to an on-site staff member, "Every day from 7-9 o'clock, 11-13 o'clock, and 17-19 o'clock are peak periods for car storage and retrieval. Because the prices are cheaper than other parking garages in the surrounding area, coupled with the proximity to the hospital, the utilization rate of the garage is very high. About 300 cars are stored and retrieved every day. When we are busy, we don't even have time to eat!"

2、 The number of intelligent tower hangars on the 25th floor has increased by about 16 times

The garage covers an area of about 100 square meters, and the original plot can only accommodate 5-6 vehicles. After the construction of the vertical lifting three-dimensional garage, the number of vehicles has increased sixteen times, greatly alleviating the shortage of parking resources in the chronic disease prevention and control station in Panyu District and the surrounding area of Huancheng Middle Road. According to the business manager of Shenzhen Weichuang Automation Equipment Co., Ltd., the manufacturer of the garage, "the total height of the garage is about 52 meters, with two tower hangars, including three-fifths of a 1.5-meter limited height car parking space and two-fifths of a 2.05-meter high top car parking space. After the vehicle is lifted to the target level by an elevator, the intelligent transporter transports the vehicle to the side idle parking space, which has advantages such as small land area, high efficiency of vehicle access, and stable operating performance." The entire process of vehicle access in the garage is controlled by computer software systems, and the elevator is matched with an intelligent transporter, which is intelligent, efficient, and fast.