30 years, set off again! Shenzhen Weichuang Appears at Beijing Parking Expo!

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Release time:2023-06-02 14:10:03

1、 Shenzhen Weichuang Appears at Beijing Parking Expo

The 23rd China International Urban Parking Industry Expo (referred to as "2023 China Parking Expo"), hosted by the Parking Equipment Working Committee of the China Heavy Machinery Industry Association, came to a successful conclusion from May 29th to 31st. Shenzhen Weichuang, as a leading enterprise in the parking industry, jointly appeared at the Beijing 2023 China Parking Expo with its parent company Wuyang Parking and its sister company Tianchen Intelligent. During the exhibition, Weichuang attracted a large number of Chinese and foreign tourists to visit and exchange with numerous excellent cases and cutting-edge technologies, and reached preliminary cooperation intentions with numerous agents and parking equipment demanders!


Starting from elements such as technology, fashion, and openness, the entire exhibition hall is open and transparent, with a unique design. The LED large screen alternately plays various new intelligent garages of Weichuang. The exhibition site is packed with people, constantly exciting!

2、 Exciting and diverse exchanges and negotiations

During the exhibition, Mr. Sun Jinming, Deputy General Manager of Wuyang Parking, Ms. Wu Hongdi, Brand Director of Shenzhen Weichuang, Mr. Zhang Wei, Regional General Manager of Shenzhen Weichuang, and Ms. Lei Junxia, Regional General Manager of Shenzhen Weichuang all attended the exhibition. At the beginning of the exhibition, it attracted a large number of visitors, including professionals in the parking industry, potential foreign customers, and relevant personnel seeking cooperation. The staff warmly received and exchanged business cards with potential customers on site, hoping to achieve further cooperation!


3、 Won the 2023 Machinery Industry Quality Brand Award

At the opening ceremony of the exhibition, Shenzhen Weichuang won the 2023 Machinery Industry Quality Brand Award with its comprehensive strength. This award is another proof of the strength of the Weichuang brand, representing industry professionals and customers to recognize Shenzhen Weichuang! In the future, we will do our best and continue to work hard! Write a new chapter for the parking industry!


4、 Weichuang 30 years, set off again!

Ms. Wu Hongdi, Brand Director of Shenzhen Weichuang, was invited to interview the organizers for this exhibition. Mr. Wu summarized Weichuang's competitive advantages over the past 30 years in terms of technological innovation, market orientation, and employee rights during the interview. Mr. Wu stated that Weichuang always puts technological innovation first, launches products guided by customer and market needs, and pays attention to employee rights, truly achieving mutual growth and development between the company and employees.

Depart again in 30 years! Since its establishment in 1993, Weichuang has gone through 30 years and is also the 6th year to be awarded the title of industry leader. Whether in terms of industry experience, technological accumulation, or market share, Weichuang is in a leading position in the industry! Especially in recent years, Weichuang has adhered to the product concept of "pushing to the market for one generation, researching and developing for one generation, and storing for one generation" in terms of technology. It has first strengthened its products, and then expanded its market by developing new products such as toothed vertical circulation, dual board synchronous exchange and transportation technology, comb toothed non motor tower storage, charging intelligent storage, and three-dimensional charging large storage, laying a solid foundation for Weichuang to continuously increase its market share.