Key points of the municipal government! Weichuang Vertical Circulation Garage Helps Qinhuangdao Scenic Area

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Key points of the municipal government

Livelihood practical projects

In 2021 and 2022, Qinhuangdao City included the construction of public parking facilities in the city's livelihood projects for two consecutive years. In order to alleviate the problem of parking difficulties for the people in Haigang District, a large-scale livelihood visit was carried out, and new projects such as Qinhuangdao Dongshan Bathing Beach and Taiyangcheng Commercial District's three-dimensional parking lot were added to maximize the satisfaction of citizens' parking needs and optimize the urban public parking environment. These two projects, as a key project of the Qinhuangdao Municipal Government, a key livelihood project, and a project promoted by the district government, play a crucial role in the entire Qinhuangdao city. After completion, they effectively alleviate the parking difficulties in the Dongshan Bathing Area, the Taiyangcheng Commercial District, and the vicinity of the Haigang Hospital.

Project Introduction

Project Name: Qinhuangdao Dongshan Bathing Beach and Sun City Commercial District Stereoscopic Parking Lot Project

Equipment Type: Vertical Loop Class

Garage floors: 4&7

Completion time: January 2023

Project 1: Sun City Commercial District Stereoscopic Parking Lot

South side of Haigang Hospital: 7-story vertical circulation garage

Sun City Commercial District Stereoscopic Parking Lot

The Sun City Commercial District is located in the main urban area of Qinhuangdao, with large supermarkets such as Kelly Shopping Center, Maoye Department Store, and Mingzhu Department Store nearby, as well as hospitals, banks, and other institutions. The convergence of commerce and hospitals, the concentration of pedestrian flow, the large number of vehicles with limited parking space, and the inconvenience of parking are the urgent problems that need to be solved here. To solve the parking problem in the Sun City commercial district, Shenzhen Weichuang Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. has developed multiple solutions and ultimately selected a vertical circulation three-dimensional garage with high cost-effectiveness, small footprint, stable performance, easy operation, and maintenance.

Sun City Commercial District Stereoscopic Parking Lot

The vertical circulation garage requires space upwards, and two parking spaces can accommodate up to 20 cars at the same time. The Sun City commercial district's three-dimensional parking lot is located on the south side of Haigang Hospital. It adopts a 7-story vertical circulation three-dimensional parking lot, with a total of 21 buildings and equipment covering an area of approximately 672 square meters. After the completion of the project, the number of parking has increased by more than six times on the basis of the original land, greatly improving the capacity rate and effectively ensuring the parking demand around the Sun City commercial and harbor hospitals.

Project 2: Dongshan Bathing Area Stereoscopic Parking Lot

Tourist attraction: 4-story vertical circular garage

Dongshan Bathing Beach, with soft sand, gulls playing in the waves, and clean beaches... As the place where Emperor Qin Shi Huang sought immortality and entered the sea, it has been a place of prayer since ancient times and is now one of the famous tourist attractions in Qinhuangdao City. When it comes to holidays, especially summer, it wins the favor of local residents and tourists from other places, who come here for leisure and entertainment.

Dongshan Bathing Area Stereoscopic Parking Lot

Due to the large number of tourists and the frequent traffic of vehicles, there is a serious shortage of parking spaces here, and parking chaos is prominent! In order to ensure the travel experience of tourists, after consultation, we have now added 24 sets of 4-story vertical circulation mechanical parking equipment to the original 50 flat parking spaces on the east side of the Sea View Holiday Hotel. Compared with the original parking spaces, the number of parking spaces has increased by nearly three times!

Efficient operation

Dongshan Bathing Area Stereoscopic Parking Lot

The vertical circulation garage is easy to operate, and users can park in the correct position and smoothly drive in and out along with the voice broadcast throughout the entire process. Since its operation, the garage has been operating at full capacity every day, with equipment circulating back and forth, continuously providing safe and convenient parking services for users.