Take advantage of the mountains! Weichuang's planar mobile intelligent library makes its debut in the foggy city of Shancheng!

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Release time:2023-05-23 14:10:03

1、 Project background

The North Bridge of Huanghuayuan is lined with tall buildings, making it the Jiangbei Mouth CBD. With the gradual increase of commercial offices in Jiangbeizui CBD, the surrounding supporting businesses are becoming increasingly prosperous, and the parking pressure in the jurisdiction is increasing, making parking difficulties increasingly prominent. To alleviate parking pressure, after multiple comparisons, Urban Investment Group ultimately chose the flat mobile intelligent three-dimensional garage designed and manufactured by Shenzhen Weichuang. Based on the location of the garage, the key areas of service radiation are Jiangbei District, Yuzhong District, and surrounding areas.

2、 Build a parking building based on the terrain of the mountain

The project is located on the land parcel under the north bridgehead of Huanghuayuan Bridge in Jiangbei District, Chongqing. Based on the slope terrain, the project effectively utilizes the space of the bridge piers to construct a 5-story underground plane movement. Tall trees are planted in the surrounding area, combined with green plants on the exterior wall, effectively integrating with the site. After the overall construction of the garage, it greatly improved the land utilization rate and alleviated the parking difficulties in the surrounding areas of Jiangbei Mouth.

The public parking lot of Huanghuayuan Bridge covers an area of approximately 450 square meters, and the project requires underground space to construct a 5-story underground mobile intelligent garage, with a total of 2 entrances and exits, both of which are connected to the vast underground space.

3、 High degree of intelligence

The degree of intelligence in the garage is high. Shenzhen Weichuang has added the latest developed facial recognition access vehicle system to its access control system. The car owner only needs to stand in front of the screen next to the garage door and brush their face to complete the entire process of accessing and retrieving the car. The garage has a built-in rotating system that allows vehicles to enter and exit in a straight line. The intelligent three-dimensional garage provides a convenient and fast operating experience, which is highly favored by car owners.

Due to the construction of the Huanghuayuan Bridge public parking lot, which is situated on the mountain, there is a height difference of about 20 meters on the slope below the bridge, and the surrounding area is equipped with green plants, with distinctive features. At the same time, the garage has a high degree of intelligence and high efficiency in accessing and retrieving vehicles. In the future, this place will become a new magical check-in spot in Chongqing!